About Us

A School Created for God

Bethany Bible Training Center, formerly Pinecrest Bible Training Center, is a school created for God. It was founded in 1968 as a place where God could come and accomplish the purposes of His heart, and, like Bethany in the Bible, our desire is to be a habitation for God—both individually and corporately as a school.

A School Set Apart

Bethany is place to come apart to build a life foundation of devotion to God.

Before Moses led the Israelites out of bondage, he turned aside to meet God at the burning bush. Before John the Baptist declared God’s heart to a generation that had not heard His word for 400 years, he went out into the wilderness to listen to God.

Bethany is a school where students can separate themselves to God to learn His voice, study His Word and seek His heart—to allow Him to prepare their lives as a habitation for Him.

A School of the Spirit

Bethany is a “School of the Spirit,” where training is not limited to classes or chapels, but where students are called to unreservedly surrender every area of their lives to the Holy Spirit for His training and transformation. As Seeley Kinne writes in “The School of Preparation,” “Before we will be able to rightly relate to the classroom lessons of this school, we must come into a practical relationship with the Holy Spirit as our Director and Teacher. Each individual will be in a class by himself and receive the lessons specifically fitted to the crucifixion of his will, heart, and carnal nature.

A School of the Bible

Our classes are intended to impart the life-changing truth of God’s Word so that the Word will “become flesh”—lived out—in students’ lives.

A School of Ministry

We believe ministry flows out of relationship with God; that our first call is to minister to God, and that as we seek to grow in intimacy with Him, His desires will become our own, and we can then minister from His heart to a hurting and broken world.