Jack Picataggi

Jack Picataggi

Jack Picataggi was installed as President of Pinecrest Bible Training Center in July 2006. He and his wife Joanne, who serves as Dean of Pinecrest, have three children and six grandsons.

Jack graduated from Pinecrest’s Biblical Studies Program in 1976, pastored a church in Virginia, and later served on Pinecrest’s faculty and as Dean. He and Joanne also founded Bethany Bible School in Virginia Beach, an evening school dedicated to establishing God’s heart in His people.

Years ago, God spoke to Jack, as well as to Joanne on a separate occasion, that they would pioneer a school of the Spirit. Later, Samuel Howells, son of intercessor and author Rees Howells of the Bible College of Wales, gave the Picataggis; a word that they would train end-time leaders. When Jack was pastor of a church in Virginia, the Lord spoke to him that he would be the president of Pinecrest, which he quietly held in his heart for 20 years.

Jack has a present-day message of raising up overcomers for this crucial time to prepare the way of the Lord.

Before You Go
Preparation for the New Day
Possessing the Kingdom
The Coming of Age
The Lamb Slain
The New Generation

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