George Warnock

George Warnock

George Warnock was born on September 22, 1917 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. The son of a carpenter, Warnock also took up the trade and remained a carpenter during most of his life. Raised in a Christian home, Warnock made a public commitment to Christ at age 19.

In 1948, Warnock was involved in a move of God at Sharon Bible College in Saskatchewan and for four years worked in what he calls a “deacon” capacity at the school. During this time, he wrote The Feast of Tabernacles, inspired by a class in which a young prophet declared, “This feast is still in the future.” He writes about this time, “I never lost confidence in what God had done, and would yet do…when a new generation would earnestly seek the Lord to come again, and set up His habitation in the midst of His people.”

Warnock returned to his trade as a carpenter, travelling occasionally for ministry. In 1956, he married Ruth Gray. The Warnock’s have been blessed with 4 daughters, 3 sons and 17 grandchildren. They reside in Carnbrook, Canada. Adapted from

The Power of Truth
The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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